Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random Stories

Kyle's now a rock star walker and he cruises all around the house - never wanting any help (tear). The funniest to me is when he'll walk into the kitchen to get the food he wants. He knows exactly where everything is and just what he wants. He tries to open the fridge to get his yogurt or an apple, he pulls his pudding off the shelf. The other day, I was in the dining room, and I look up to see Kyle walking out of the kitchen with a bag of beer nuts! I don't even know where they came from or why he thought he wanted them, but he knew!! He's definitely a Colburn - he loves his food even if he is a little peanut.

We try to go the park as often as possible esp. before the blizzard of winter is upon us. These next 2 stories are about other little ones we've seen at the park, but they made me smile, so I thought I'd pass them on. First was just yesterday. When we got to the park there were 3 little boys (about 4 y.o.) playing together. Shortly after we arrived, another little boy (a friend they all knew) came over. Well, one of the original kids had on a much desired watch and kid #4 wanted it bad. He started crying and throwing a fit to which his mom told him his options were to stop crying and have fun or keep crying and go home. The boy thought for a minute, stomped across the park, and said, "I'm going in a time out." Good solution, but didn't last - about 15 min. later he was pitching another fit and had to leave - poor thing!

Second happened a while ago. We went to the park after dinner and had the place to ourselves. Then a dad came by with his 2 little girls. The first little girl came over and started playing with Kyle - she was probably about 3. She turned to me and said, "I was born in Russia." I told her something about how neat that was. Then she asked, "Where did he (Kyle) come from?" How boring to have to tell her, Milwaukee. A little while later she reveals, "I was adopted." I tell her how special that is, and she continues to describe to me, much to her dad's astonishment, how the mom whose tummy she grew in didn't have enough money to raise her so her new mom and dad had to come get her and bring her here. How sweet to hear her explanation and know the love her parents have for her!

So, we definitely love the park - very entertaining. It's amazing to watch Kyle as he discovers every little thing - leaves, kids, trucks - it's all new and awe inspring to him. Below are some recent pictures from the fall. Enjoy!

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