Monday, May 18, 2009

We had a busy weekend! Friday night we started up by going to Costco to get new tires for the Jeep. That ended up not happening, but we also had to run to Target and Home Depot, so we did that and grabbed a quick dinner at QDoba. In typical Kyle fashion, he didn't touch the 'kids meal quesadilla' but instead only wanted to eat Brad's burrito. Not only did he eat the thing, but he wanted to hold it as well even though it's about the size of his head. Such a goof. If only I had my camera with...Saturday we took the Jeep to get new brakes (yes, the car was a danger to be driving - I don't know how Brad made it to work every day) and then I went to a few garage sales while Brad and Kyle hung out. Brad got to play softball on Saturday afternoon which made his weekend. We spent the rest of the day cleaning out and organizing the garage. We still have way too much stuff in there to be able to fit a car, but at least it's well organized stuff, right? Sunday was spent doing more stuff around the house - cleaning up in the basement from all the construction dust that migrated into the other rooms, mowing the lawn (finally! the grass about buried poor Macy and Morgan when they were out there), and getting started painting our bags game! We've been planning on doing this for a year now. We finally got the Illini orange and Illini blue paint and I painted the boards. Now we just have to put the decals on and spray them and they'll be finished. So cool. They already look awesome with just the paint. This week is supposed to be beautiful - finally warming up. Let's hope it stays that way. On Saturday we'll be driving up to Arcadia!! Can't wait - to be there that is. The drive I could do without. I was going to take the boat with Kyle, but the times for both the fast and slow boat were awful. I could've either left at 6 AM or right at Kyle's naptime. Kyle's not the most adaptive sleeper to new places and not wanting to spend a 4 hour boat ride with a crabby toddler, I opted to drive with Brad. This of course means that we get to stuff 3 people, 2 dogs, and a whole bunch of stuff in our little car, but at least we get to go up! So excited. We'll be there for 2 weeks (Brad for 1) and then back home for a couple weeks before heading back up to RKD. I should go begin the packing process - I'm honestly not sure how it's all going to fit. Maybe instead of packing, I should start researching bigger cars...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! A special wish goes out to my mom, the most amazing mom on the planet, and my grandma. I wish we could be with you today. It's hard living so far away. Kyle sent a special Mother's Day message to his grandma (Ma), Bubbe, and his Godmothers. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I heard was his sweet voice saying "Happy Mother's Day". I didn't need anything else - so precious. We've really had a great weekend. On Friday, Brad was playing in a golf benefit with a dinner after, so Kyle and I were on our own all day. We started off the morning by taking a hike at the Audobon Nature Center with 2 friends and their kids. We walked down to the beach and let the kids play for a while and then hiked on the trail. Of course we all forgot our cameras, so we have no pictures of our first beach day of the season! It was beautiful out though and the kids had fun. Later in the day we ran a bunch of errands and went out to dinner. We chose Culver's because it's fast and we were planning on hitting the park after. When I asked Kyle what he wanted to eat, he said steak. I told him that Culver's didn't have steak, so he just insisted that they needed to buy some. I told him I'd pass that along to the store manager. We enjoyed a nice dinner together and headed home quickly to let the dogs out and feed them. As we were getting ready to head out to the park, Brad pulled in the driveway! Turns out they decided to not stay for dinner because it was the 10th anniversary of one of the guys he was playing with and he decided he should go hang out with his wife. So we had a family park date. It was a great day!
On Saturday, we got the carpet put in downstairs (the right carpet this time) and spent the rest of the day trying to clean and organize. We got a new computer desk and some storage units for the living room. Anyone who knows me knows I love to organize, so this was actually fun for me! We went out for breakfast on Mother's Day at The Pancake House and came home to do more organizing!! The basement is about 90% done and I'm so excited for Kyle to have a true playroom again. I got some wonderful Mother's Day gifts - a charm for my Pandora bracelet, a change box that Kyle made at school, and a digital picture frame keychain. It was a fantastic weekend. Here's a picture of our (almost) finished playroom and one of my favorite pictures of Kyle and me. The last one is from breakfast this morning. We love you Moms and Grandmas!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

K-L-E counts!

Christmas night

That's how I feel. You know how when you're looking forward to something for so long and then when it's over, there's this weird feeling - not really disappointment but more of can't believe it's over, now what?! Well, our basement got finished on Monday. A really nice guy came (and brought his wife and 1 year old son - which was a little strange but whatever) and put the carpet in for us. I had been so excited to start putting things back down there on Tuesday and getting the house in order. Well, while he was installing it, I had to run out and when he finished I was getting Kyle ready for bed, so I didn't see it until he left. Turns out they installed the completely wrong color!! Our contractor just came over though and is going to replace it. Oh great, he's here again - now what?? Okay, I'm back. Turns out the carpet I picked won't be in for 10 days, so I had to change colors. Luckily there was something very similar and we should be able to spend a fun weekend organizing and cleaning! Yay us. Last weekend was spent frantically painting to get ready for the carpet. We did get to go into Illinois on Sunday to celebrate birthdays - Brad's dad, who the kids call Papa David and Kyle just calls 'David', and 2 of our nephews - Adam and Jake. We had a good time and Kyle had fun playing with his cousins, especially Lauren. Kyle got to swing in a big swing by himself and loved it!
Today I was getting lunch ready and I guess I wasn't moving fast enough for Kyle. By the time I got out to the dining room, he had gotten the turkey out of the refrigerator, climbed up into his booster seat and started eating. He sure does love to eat!! I went out to eat last night with the girls from my MOMS club and Kyle devoured the rest of my leftovers for lunch.

I'm going to do my best to upload a video of Kyle showing off some new skills. (Success! It's above.) I swear they go from being babies to practically grown up overnight! Meanwhile, here's our original babies, Macy and Morgan, crazy as ever. They do have their own beds, but I guess sometimes they just like to cuddle!