Saturday, February 7, 2009

Where's Waldo

Kyle has this Look and Find book - kind of like the old Where's Waldo books where you look through the picture to find the hidden man. Well, Kyle's is Little People and the objects to be found are a bit more obvious, but still, same concept. Anyway, I had to share this because I find it so funny. This book is his latest obsession. He pulls it out and can spend a good amount of time looking from page to page to find the different things. He'll open it up and on the side of the page is a little key with small pictures showing what you're supposed to find. Our conversations go like this:
Me: (Pointing to a picture of the sun in the key) "Kyle, can you find the sun?"
Kyle: (Pointing to the same picture of the sun in the key) very enthusiastically: "There!"
Me: "Yes, that's one sun." "Can you find one that's actually hidden in the picture?"
Kyle: (Looking at the picture, finds the hidden sun) very enthusiastically: "There!"
Me: "You found it! Can you find the blue balloon?" (pointing to the one in the key)
Kyle: (Pointing to the balloon in the key) "There!"
And on and on.
He either thinks I'm crazy (Mom, did you forget already? You just pointed to the sun. Oh well, I'll play along. Remember Mom, it's right here in the big box!) or just thinks that's part of the fun.
Speaking of the sun, it's actually shining here! We finally have a warm weekend! I was out this morning (at the workout center no less) without a coat on. So, I'm off to enjoy it because we all know it won't last!!

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kassandra said...

I love reading what you have to say always! i've read this like 5 times!