Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Christmas night

That's how I feel. You know how when you're looking forward to something for so long and then when it's over, there's this weird feeling - not really disappointment but more of can't believe it's over, now what?! Well, our basement got finished on Monday. A really nice guy came (and brought his wife and 1 year old son - which was a little strange but whatever) and put the carpet in for us. I had been so excited to start putting things back down there on Tuesday and getting the house in order. Well, while he was installing it, I had to run out and when he finished I was getting Kyle ready for bed, so I didn't see it until he left. Turns out they installed the completely wrong color!! Our contractor just came over though and is going to replace it. Oh great, he's here again - now what?? Okay, I'm back. Turns out the carpet I picked won't be in for 10 days, so I had to change colors. Luckily there was something very similar and we should be able to spend a fun weekend organizing and cleaning! Yay us. Last weekend was spent frantically painting to get ready for the carpet. We did get to go into Illinois on Sunday to celebrate birthdays - Brad's dad, who the kids call Papa David and Kyle just calls 'David', and 2 of our nephews - Adam and Jake. We had a good time and Kyle had fun playing with his cousins, especially Lauren. Kyle got to swing in a big swing by himself and loved it!
Today I was getting lunch ready and I guess I wasn't moving fast enough for Kyle. By the time I got out to the dining room, he had gotten the turkey out of the refrigerator, climbed up into his booster seat and started eating. He sure does love to eat!! I went out to eat last night with the girls from my MOMS club and Kyle devoured the rest of my leftovers for lunch.

I'm going to do my best to upload a video of Kyle showing off some new skills. (Success! It's above.) I swear they go from being babies to practically grown up overnight! Meanwhile, here's our original babies, Macy and Morgan, crazy as ever. They do have their own beds, but I guess sometimes they just like to cuddle!

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