Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day Out With Thomas

Today we took Kyle to a Day Out With Thomas in Green Bay. Aunt Sue-Z bought the tickets for him for his birthday and it was the best gift. Our train ride was at 9:15, so we had to leave the house by 6:45. On a Sunday. UGH. Kyle must have known we had to leave at the crack of dawn, and he helped us out by waking up for the day at 4:45. Sweet. At least it meant that we got on the road on time, which was a good thing because the road we needed to take was closed and we had to drive around for a while until we figured out where we were. Our day there started off with a special surprise for Kyle. We got to ride a school bus over to the Railway Museum where the event was. Kyle was in heaven. He's been asking to ride a school bus for a long time, and I've been telling him he could when he was 5. The actual event was awesome. There was so much to do and we had a fabulous time. Of course the highlight was riding on the train pulled by Thomas, but we also got to meet Sir Topham Hatt, do some crafts, play with trains, bounce on a bouncy castle, play in the sandbox, listen to some music, and board and explore all the trains at the museum. I'm so glad we got to go, and I'm sure we'll be going back again next year! Kyle was great and napped the way there and the way home. He loved it!! In the afternoon, it was gorgeous out, so we went to Brad's softball game. Kyle wanted nothing to do with watching the game, but there was a playground nearby, so we played over there for almost 2 hours. We picked up pizza on the way home, ate outside, and played outside for the rest of the night with our neighbors Cole and Chris. It was really the perfect day. Now, back to reality.

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