Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Daddy's little boy

For the longest time, I was the only one Kyle wanted. Friends, family, my mom, even Brad would try to take him and he would fuss and hold on to me for dear life. Everyone said, "Enjoy it while you can because pretty soon he won't want you at all." I knew they were right, but I was hoping that day might be when he was 10 or so. Okay, maybe 5 or 6. Lately, in Kyle's eyes, the sun rises and sets on Brad. I try to take him and he signs all done. I'm thinking, what do you mean you're all done with me? I'm the one that feeds you, plays with you all day, changes you. Yes, I'm also the one that puts him down for naps, so maybe that has something to do with it. When it's 5:30, and I say, "Daddy's home", Kyle takes off at record speed to try to see him through the door. He's a lucky kid because not only is Brad an amazing Dad, but he gets to see a lot of him too. Brad's able to come home most days for lunch which Kyle loves, but when it's time for him to leave, you've never seen a more heartbreaking scene. He waves bye bye and then realizes what's happening. The lower lip comes out, he starts to pout, and then busts into the most heart wrenching cry ever heard. The pictures below are of Kyle watching through the window as Brad leaves. He's trying to be just like him on the phone and you'll see he's even a Tigers fan!!! Okay, that outfit was picked out by Brad, but I'm guessing we will have another Detroit fan in the family!! The other pictures are of us playing with some new toys and enjoying the end of summer. In the last photo, Kyle's looking for his lost ball which mysteriously disappeared under the shelf (over and over and over).

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