Friday, January 9, 2009

No couch potatoes here

Today has been a rough day. Not to play the pity me card, but I'm sick, and I've discovered that's one of the hardest parts of being a stay at home mom. When I get sick, I don't get to take a day off. I can't send Kyle off to daycare and spend the day sleeping and watching tv. I still have to get up and play even though I feel awful. Maybe it's worse because we live up here, far away from family. I can't call up my mom or sister or aunt and ask them to come help. As if I needed one, there's one more reason to move to Georgia! So, we've been trudging along, watching the clock tick away until 5:30, the magic Daddy's home hour! I've learned something today though. If you know me well, you know I'm a compulsive organizer. I hate when things are out of place and I hate when things don't have a 'home'. So ordinarily I try to play pretty neatly with Kyle. Today's been more of a 'do whatever you want' day. Kyle wanted to move all my socks into Brad's dresser drawer. Have at it! That means I get to lay on the bed and watch! Take all the shoes out of the closet? Sure, I'll just sit in the glider and watch you. Not being so anal about organizing has been fun and freeing...until tomorrow when I find the energy to put it all back again. We even tried to watch a video. Again, if you know me, you know that's not my thing. Kyle never watches movies or TV. Not that I have anything against kids watching a show here or there - we just really don't here - he's had no interest whatsover. My wishful thinking self was hoping today would be the day he'd sit and watch something, anything, at least for a half an hour. So I pop in the Veggie Tales movie, sit down with Kyle on my lap, get a whole 3 minutes out of him, and he decides he'd rather go play with his piano, then his little people garage, then Elmo. I desperately tried the Wiggles, Barney, luck. Oh well. At least we got 2 naps in today. That's something - and we only have 2 1/2 hours left! Oh ya, and it's snowing. Again. Hooray for winter.

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kassandra said...

First off I love the new layout!

and second,
sorry about the long day!You know I'd help you watch kyle inbetween classes if you lived right down the street.

enjoy the snow while you can, the way this world is going there wont be any snow in like 10 years.