Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

And never come back! So, we're making progress on 1/2 of our basement. Right now, the guys are down there working. Hopefully in another week (or 2) we will have our basement back again! We found these great guys who are so reasonably priced and they're doing great work. They're doing everything for us down there, including putting in carpet and CEILINGS! I never thought I'd get that excited about ceilings, but after living with the beams and pipes and wires for 2 years, it looks so different down there now! I cannot wait to get it done and finally have a playroom for Kyle. On the other side of the basement, not so good news. It poured last weekend - I think for 2 or 3 days straight. Saturday afternoon I went down to put some laundry in and saw a pool of water at the bottom of the stairs. After brief thoughts of just setting fire to the house, I got out the shop vacs and cleaned it up. Unfortunately, it was a constant flooding all day. The water was coming in from our 'well room'. I don't know what else to call it - it's just a mud room below our well. So we spent an exciting weekend trading off emptying the shop vacs and cleaning it up. Anyway, I'm hoping that it will be an easy fix as this room is right beside our sump pump. In my mind, they should be able to install a pipe to funnel the water from there right into the sump pump. We've got our guy coming tomorrow to look at it and do some grading work for us. With our luck, this simple fix will turn into another thousands of dollars project. At this point though, really what else is there to go wrong? We've had problems with and fixed what seems to be every square inch of this house, so we'll see what we're blessed with next!

Other than that, things are great. The grass is finally getting green. I had my teeth cleaned today and have no cavities. Kyle is still cracking us up. I asked him yesterday to guess who was at our house and he guessed GG, then 'Ma'. I guess he's still got Georgia on his mind! He finally guessed that it was Lazaro, our basement guy. The way he says his name is so funny - it's more like Waroro. He's repeating everything we say right now which Brad is having fun with - he was having him say corn dog, chili cheese dog, and turkey burger the other day. Too cute. I guess it means we really have to watch what we say now.

I'm usually a super (to the point of OCD) organized person. Before we had Kyle, I had alphabetized and made lists of our CDs and movies. Everything has a place and it stays there. Usually. With our house in a state of craziness though, it doesn't always happen lately. I took down all our Easter decorations a while ago, but we haven't gotten around to putting them away yet. So, Kyle likes to pull things out of the bins and play with them still. The picture below is of him this morning with the rabbit ears on. There's also a couple basement update pictures, and a picture from 'Thomas Day' at Toys R Us - which was crazy, but he had fun, so that's all that matters.

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