Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer 2008

Can't believe it's already August 21. Even though I'm not teaching anymore, the end of summer is always sad. We've had a great couple months starting with Kyle's first birthday June 21. His party was a lot of fun and we were blessed to have great weather and lots of great friends and family come by. It's hard to believe that he's 1 already. Time really does fly. Our lives have changed dramatically this past year, yet we can't imagine a world without him anymore. We both feel so lucky to have Kyle in our lives. He makes us laugh and smile every day even when we're struggling with sleep and all the other issues that come along with raising a child. He's already got this incredible personality. Just today he was teasing us - Brad would ask him for a hug and he would deliberately come and hug me. Then he'd offer us a toy and when we'd reach for it, he'd pull it away and laugh. What an amazing blessing he is. Anyway, back to summer, we've spent a lot of time playing outside enjoying the warm weather (knowing crazy winter is right around the corner), going to the zoo and nature center, playing with friends and of course going to Arcadia. We are beyond lucky to have Arcadia - there is no place on earth like it. We're sure Kyle will grow to love it as much as we all do. Case in point, my niece Stephie recently told my sister that under no circumstances would she be going to Paris next summer (with her high school flags group) - she's coming to Arcadia. You have to have been there to understand how amazing it is, and if you haven't been, you have to check it out someday. I'll attach some pictures from the past few months. We're hoping to use this site to keep everyone updated on our world way up here. The other site was a pain, so hopefully this one will be easier to use and we'll do it more often. We love and miss all of you, Brad, Jill, and Kyle

Climbing the stairs never get tiring.

Playing on the beach in Arcadia

Pretending to drive the boat on the ferry across the lake

Checking out his new chair

Look ma! No hands!!

His first horseback ride

Playing at camp

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kathywink said...

I love being able to keep up with Kyle and you and Brad. Thank you!!
Love, Aunt Kathy