Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December Update

Days fly by so fast that it's hard to remember all that's been happening here. Kyle and I were lucky enough to take a trip to Georgia the middle of November. He once again was a champion on the plane. On the way home he was awake the whole flight. Going down he fell asleep 5 minutes before landing. He amused himself with toys, books, and food and we were lucky enough to have no one sitting beside us so we could spread out. The worst part of it all was the ATL airport on the way home. It actually was empty - no line at all at security - which is very unusual, but if you've been there, you know it's pretty big - with a train to take you between terminals even. So, we get to the airport and are told we're flying out of gate C 20-something (of course the last gate in the C terminal.) So we trek over there (me carrying Kyle, a little people Mayflower boat and a Ginormous carry on bag overflowing with who knows what) only to find out we're actually at gate C 12. Up goes all the stuff and we hike over there to find out, that no, we've been moved again - this time to the D terminal. By the time we made it there I thought my arms were going to fall off, but luckily that was the final gate and the rest of the flight was wonderful - until we flew over Lake Michigan and I was greeted by snow in Wisconsin that is. UGH. Anyway, our vacation was great - lots of visiting with family, great eating, and playing. We miss it! Playing with play-doh
Back home we had a good Thanksgiving. Unfortunately Kyle got sick with a double ear infection 2 nights before, thus ruining our plans to go in early and eat Portillos. Oh well. He was much better by Thanksgiving Day and we enjoyed a nice quiet dinner with some of the Gates family.
Now it is my favorite time - Christmas decorating time!!! We hauled out all 9 bins plus all the miscellaneous stuff that doesn't fit in bins and have decorated the house. It looks beautiful and Kyle is loving all the santas and snowmen all around. He's been great with the tree so far and has been having a great time finding the elf every morning. The elf has been named by the way, TWIG. We're very much looking forward to Christmas and heading to South Carolina with my family but don't want to rush the time away.

Crazy TWIG hanging around

Kyle himself is awesome. He really is a funny kid. He still loves animals and is pretty good at making animal sounds - he's got the hippo, snake, elephant and giraffe down pat. He loves to eat - the kid really should weigh about 50 pounds (in GA he ate half my mom's French Dip sandwich one day at lunch plus mac and cheese and other random snacks). He's not saying many understandable words (unless you ask my mom or aunt who think he says everything from duck to dollar store - to me they just sound like 'duh') but he chatters away and is signing some too (more, eat, all done, and my new favorite - please). He got his 2nd much needed haircut - hopefully the curls will come back!! We had fun (not so much) trying to take pictures the other day and we'll be visiting Santa soon - we'll see how he likes the big guy this year!! Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season!!!
Kyle's new favorite way to eat yogurt

His new 'do

Kissing a picture of Grandma

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