Tuesday, April 21, 2009

22 months!

Kyle is 22 months old today! I can hardly believe it. He has changed so much even over the past month. He is just the cutest, and yes it may be bragging, but he's my son, so I'm allowed - the kid is so darned smart. He's started talking A TON these past few weeks. He's coming out with words I have no idea he knows - like coupon yesterday. Today it was bye bye Target (that's one of my favorites along with Snuggle - as in Snuggle Puppy). He can spell his own name which he loves to do, he knows his colors and most of his shapes. He just amazes me at how fast he picks things up.
We got home from Georgia on Friday and had a beautiful day here Saturday. Kyle got to play outside all morning - our neighbors Chris and Mara came over with their son Cole, who is about 6 months older than Kyle and the boys played together for a while. I'm glad we took advantage of the beautiful weather, because this morning we had snow again!!! Okay, so not a lot and it was mixed with rain, but still - snow on April 21?? UGH. I think we're back in the 40s. As if I didn't already, this weather makes me really miss Georgia! We're still waiting on our basement to get finished - hoping to start that very soon as I'm going out of my mind with the craziness in our house. We spent the morning at Just 4 Fun which was, well, fun. It was crazy packed - partly because of the weather but there was also a school group there. We still had a good time. Kyle has become Mr. Independent lately and decided today that he was going to do the big slide all by himself. The only problem is that he couldn't make it up the last step to the slide, so I would have to help him get up there, tell him to wait at the top, then run around to the bottom of the slide to catch him at the bottom. He waited every time though and he had a blast. The rest of our week is pretty uneventful, which works for me, as I'm still not totally unpacked and have lots to do around here!
Taken in GA as Kyle saw a train!
Our goofball at dinner tonight - he seriously scratched his head and left the fork up there by accident.
He found his Elmo Easter basket!
Cleaning up GG's yard

The playhouse at GG's

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