Friday, April 24, 2009

Fantastic Friday

We have been waiting for a day like today. It was 80 degrees and beautiful! Kyle and I spent the day playing outside. We had to hang around home because 'the man' (as Kyle calls him) was here working on the basement - woo hoo! We spent all morning outside playing with all the outdoor toys - the sandbox, water table, slide, we did it all. Kyle even got to have his first popsicle of the season! We took a short break to go get Kyle's haircut and he took a super long nap this afternoon. I guess the sun tired him out. It tired me out too, but I didn't nap because I was waiting for another guy to come over who was supposed to do some grading work for us. He didn't show up which was weird, so hopefully he'll make it here next week to get that fixed. We are making progress on the basement! I'm hoping in 2 weeks it'll be functional and full of toys again!! After Kyle woke up, we went back outside to play some more. Brad surprised us and came home early from work. We ate dinner outside and later took a walk to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream. It was a perfect day - I wish they were all like this!

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