Saturday, April 11, 2009

We made it!

Yay! We're in Georgia!! Kyle joined me for his sixth round trip flight on Thursday. He's becoming quite the traveller - we'll have to get him a frequent flier card. The flight was good - luckily a nice woman gave us her row so that Kyle and I had space to spread out. I thought (hoped) he would nap on the way down here, but no such luck. He amused himself with snacks, books and toys and we're so happy to be here! We've been keeping busy these last few days - lots of hanging out with aunts, uncles, cousins, Grandma, GG. The weather is great so we can be outside a lot, which is a welcome change from the never ending Wisconsin winter! We saw the Easter Bunny the other day - Kyle got his picture taken with him, which he loved! We also got to ride on a train at the mall. Today we had a clean up the yard day at Grandma's house. Then this afternoon we went to Jamie and Devin's to celebrate Alesi's first birthday!! Kyle had a blast playing with the kids, riding the cars, and bouncing in the bounce house! Happy Birthday sweet girl!! It'd been awhile since we'd been to their house, so a funny thing happened when we got there. My mom, Kyle, my sister Beth, 2 of her kids, and I park and walk up to the house that has the balloons and tons of cars parked at it. We walk in and are greeted at the door by some people I'd never met before. They said, "Hi! Come on in. I'm Emily's mom, what's your name?" I assumed they were just random family or friends I hadn't met. Then I looked around and noticed that the dining room, which is in the back of Devin's house, was right beside us. I look around and recognize no one. Then I turn to my mom and tell her, "Um, we're at the wrong house." Embarrassed and laughing hysterically we left and then walked up the street to the correct house. Only in Georgia can we walk into a stranger's house and they don't think it's odd at all. In fact, they welcome us in! This place is great. Tomorrow is Easter and I'm so thankful to be able to celebrate down here with family. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!!

Riding in the coal car

Playing at the indoor playground

A horribly blurry but still cute picture of the picture with the Easter Bunny.

Little man riding in the airplane with his 'buckle' on.

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kassandra said...

Awww! Its about time you updated!!!!! lol Kyle is cute! Good Luck with your Basement!!!